about us

Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions is a specialist Waste to Energy (WtE) Project development company.

Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions’s clear passion is to establish infrastructure that maximises the diversion of waste from landfill and to recover products and energy in the most efficient, safest and commercially viable way possible. We firmly believe that if we (as a community) generate waste today, then we need to deal with it today and not bury it in a hole that becomes a legacy for future generations.

Though Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions is in the process of developing several projects across the Philippines our most notable recent success is the development of the first major Waste to Energy project in the nation to have commenced construction.


We are Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Established in 2019, Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions develops WtE projects, which are located in the Philippines, from concept through to Financial Close either directly or on behalf of Public or Private organisations.
  • We don’t own technologies or licenses and are thus able to independently develop a project by selecting the best technologies, builders, operators and funding models that optimise the outcome for the project stakeholders.
  • We engage resources that have extensive, demonstrable experience applicable to the project, there are no ‘L’ plates!
  • We establish all of the project requirements, from location, planning and environmental approvals, acquisition of waste supply contracts, key contractors, grid connection, community engagement, funding, legal, commercial etc…..effectively a one stop shop.

Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions is a specialist Waste to Energy (WtE) Project development company.


Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions is guided by a strong executive team, responsible for leading our business to deliver the highest quality outcomes for our customers and the environment.

Esberto B. Eubra Jr
President – CEO / Founder
'Rafael' is a highly talented, multi-disciplined business leader. He has more than a decade’s experience in many fields, including banking, hospitality, food and beverage, import-export, government relations, and customer relations. Living up to APRES’ motto of “For Filipinos, By Filipinos”, he will assume overall responsibility towards development of the WTE in Pandan, building up APRES’ branding through recognition of her excellence and integrity in both government and private sectors, whilst managing the team towards fulfilling this success.
Thomas Kwok
Thomas has a wealth of experience spanning more than 30 years in major MNCs, serving as senior management. His project management skills played key roles to the success of their utility and energy projects. Notable ones include the O&M set up of WTE & Water treatment plants costing SGD$3.2B on behalf of Qatar’s municipal government, and the development of a 800MW CCPP for Power Seraya costing SGD$800M, and the construction of Singapore’s first “SAFE CITY” for the Singapore Police Force. In recognition of his excellence, he has been invited to countries such as Myanmar and Indonesia to provide lead consultancy for their infrastructure projects. Thomas will oversee all operational aspects of the WTE plant, from construction to completion and running.
Amos Lim
Amos has more than a decade’s experience in providing consultancy and sales advisory in the banking and insurance industries, business brokerage in areas such as project funding and trade financing, as well as corporate management in HR and training. His role in APRES will be in the area of overseeing the sustainability of the WTE project, through financial management of investor and investment opportunities, as well as in fielding the required manpower expertise to develop and manage APRES’ projects.
Gary Cao
Director (BSC.CEng)
Gary has displayed successful entrepreneurship in PR and Marketing, with proven business development and engagements within Asia. He previously helmed management positions within the IT and Telecommunication sectors. Within APRES, he is dedicated towards providing insights into renewable energy ecosystems through his experiences across various industries, and working hand-in-hand with Amos in the area of human resource stewardship for the WTE project.
Martin Dalingay
Environmental Specialist (BSC.Eng)
Martin has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the operations. maintenance and commissioning of power plants and water treatment plants. He has also trained and supervised laboratory technicians and operators, and conducted numerous safety training and seminars. He will be one of the chief engineers to dedicate his skills and experience towards operations of the WTE plant.


APRES IS COMMITTED to be agents of REAL CHANGE IN THE PHILIPINES in reduction of solid waste and producer of sustainable energy to better serve communities, society and the world.