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Waste-to-Energy Solutions

We adopt a waste conversion strategy that is energy independent and sustainable to address BOTH problems simultaneously, via the implementation of Waste-To-Energy plant (WTE):

Solution Overview

  • Waste tipped into the WTE is completely combusted at high temperatures.
  • The heat generated is used to make steam, which drives turbines that creates electricity.
  • The emissions meet WHO standards, and comply with the Clean Air Act. (DENR GUIDELINES ON SETTING UP WTE FACILITIES)
  • Water and useful by-products are produced.
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As an energy solutions company, our mission is to simplify technical and economic risk for project stakeholders by choosing technology that rightfully matches the available waste resources and organising qualified and competent project team. As a minimum, the technologies we choose must be economically viable, with multiple reference sites processing similar waste feedstocks to those being considered for a domestic project, and they must be able to meet the most stringent international environmental regulatory standards.

Energy Efficiency