Committed to building a Sustainable Future.

ASIA PACIFIC RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS IS COMMITTED to be an agents of REAL CHANGE IN THE PHILIPINES in reduction of solid waste and producer of sustainable energy to better serve communities, society and the world. Our vision is to establish renewable and sustainable energy source in the Philippines, to better the lives of the country and her people.

The AA Challenges

  • Alarming Waste Problem
  • Acute Power Shortage

Our Solution

  • We adopt a waste conversion strategy that is energy independent and sustainable to address BOTHproblems simultaneously, via the implementation of Waste-To-Energy plant (WTE)
The AA Problem

1. Alarming Waste Problem

Existing solution of dumping waste into landfills is non-sustainable. With 677 open dumpsites, 343 controlled dumps, and 21 landfills in the country, 307 dump sites are already subjected for closure, with only 215 more landfills to be opened.

Multiple issues associated with landfills, such as air and water pollution, animal vectors, propagation of diseases and fire hazards.

2.AcutePower Shortage

Vietnam, Laos and North Korea have shockingly more power capacity per person than the Philippines.

Table 1 illustrates how weak and unreliable the Philippines’ power supply is, and thus recurring power shortages and higher power prices.

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